Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Should Part-Time Worker in Deerfield Beach Get Benefits and a Pension???

Should part-time workers of the City of Deerfield Beach (CODB) receive benefits and a pension?

This question was asked during contract negotiations a while ago between the CODB Non-employee union and the CODB negotiation team.  The question was answered when the Union and the City agreed to not provide benefits to part-time employees.  The City Commission and Mayor agreed that this was the best course of action for the City and yet they have not decided to do what is best for the City when it comes to their own part-time benefits and pension.  Below is an email I received detailing the amounts the Commissioners currently take home, in addition to their benefits and pension.  That's right I said pension.  If you are like me then you are asking yourself why would they be receiving a pension and all of these benefits, especially since they are part-time City employees.  Should our elected officials not lead by example?  Is it not the height of hypocrisy to deny benefits and a pension to other part-time employees when you have generously taken the tax payers money to grant yourselves these benefits.  Did these so-called elected officials not run for office to help the residents and the City or did they run to help themselves to the City coffers at the expense of the residents and the City.  It's time we had some answers, don't you think.

I have even heard a rumor that one of the commissioners only ran so that they could have health insurance. If that is true, I say to that commissioner (and they know who they are), you should have gotten a job at Wal-Mart as a greeter, rather than saddle this City with your self-serving tenure as a commissioner.  Thank God for term limits!

To the Residents of Deerfield,

Here are some facts for  all of you to sit an digest. Remember that we have a city manager and that the Mayor and Commissioners to not run the Day to Day operations.

This was a document request and this is how it was answered:

1.) How much is the mayor, the commissioners, assistant city manager, and city manager paid ?    a.) Salary               Mayor: $33,524               Commissioner $27,979               City Manager $166,500               Assistant City Manager $120,000    b.) Medical insurance Cost - 100% ($306.83/mo) paid by City (Elected Official) 40% paid by City for dependent coverage of Elected Official's family (depending on # of dependents and health plan chosen)    c.) Pension - Florida Retirement System - City contributes 18.64%, Elected Official 0%    d.) other- Term Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance - One (1) x salary.  Expense Account $22,000/yr.  Dental Plan - BC/BS 100% paid by City (Elected Official), dependent coverage depending on plan and # of dependents. (*Please note that these benefit amounts only reflect the package for the elected officials and not the City Manager and the Assistant City Manager, which are probably a lot more lucrative.)
Please note that I have asked for further information from the City's Accounting Department as I wanted to know how much was the Pension in dollar terms, but thy have not gotten back to me with the total break down of who gets what. From the best I can tell is that they contribute nearly $4,000 a month to the Commissioners and Mayors Pension and if you were to break that down even ly cross the board that is almost $200 a week.
Many have asked them to do away with this. Bill Gantz's reply was that would be grandstanding - get this - he told me it would be grandstanding. and the others basically have not said anything. This is a part time position, and they ran for this position to do what? Help themselves or serve us. I think we all are finally realizing what the answer is.
Folks think about what is going on here. These numbers above are from our city through a document request.  Things need to be addressed and now. As something is just not right!!
John Grassi

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