Tuesday, September 20, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach's Second Attempt to Disenfranchise Utility Tax Petition Signers and Citizens

Below is a copy of the letter sent from the City of Deerfield Beach City Clerk, Ada Graham (*on behalf of the City Manager and Commissioners) to Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections, in regard to the verification process of 6,200 signatures collected from Deerfield Beach residents who believe that the citizens should have a say in how we are taxed and not just allow the City Manager and the City Commissioners to totally cut the residents out of the process as they have done, so far.  

My only questions, is this red, white, and blue democracy in Deerfield Beach?  

Deerfield Beach where the  legal rights of the "City" have continuously superseded the democratic and constitutional rights of the electorate and citizens.

How much longer will "WE" allow this to continue?  It is obvious that our elected officials are party to this disenfranchisement of ourights as citizens and residents.  They are actually applauding the Burgess Hanson, City Manager, and Andrew Maurodis, CIty Attorney, for finding new and inventive ways to screw the citizens and residents out of ourights as US citizens.  

My only wish is that they could be this creative with finding new, inventive, and innovative ways to create new revenue streams that don't balance the budget(s) on the backs of the non-uniformed employees and now the residents and communities of Deerfield Beach.

Heck, look below at the creativity and innovation that the City Clerk uses to discredit and disenfranchise your voices and opinions that you asserted when you choose to sign the petition to have your voice heard.  

How much longer will "YOU" allow yourselves to be muzzled? 

                                                                        September 9, 2011

Broward County Government Center115 N. Andrews Avenue, Room 102
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301               
RE:  Initiative Petitions to Rescind Unfair Taxes
Dear Dr. Snipes:  
This office is in receipt of petitions to rescind unfair taxes in the City of Deerfield Beach.  Under cover of this correspondence, I am forwarding to you all 6200 petitions and request that your office verifies the signatures within 45 days, according to Section 7.06 of the City’s Charter.

Accordingly, in adhering to Sections 7.05 and 7.06 of the City’s Charter, I have identified the following to determine if the petitions are sufficient as to form, content, and circulator affidavits. I have made the following initial conclusions. Exhibit A contains petitions that are contrary to Section 7.05 (2) Form and content, as some petitions are identified with no precinct number. Exhibit B contains petitions that are contrary to Section 7.05 (3) Affidavit of circulator, as some petitions do not have the number of signatures set forth in the affidavit. Exhibit C contains petitions contrary to Section 7.04, as the circulator name does not appear on the list of qualified voters who formed the original committee, responsible for circulating the petition and filing it in proper form and content.  My office will continue its review to determine if any other issues arise, but it is my desire to get these to you at the earliest time so that you can begin your portion of the work that will assist in the final determination of sufficiency.  I will coordinate with you if other issues are identified.
Additionally, as the Charter requires the voting precinct number to appear on the petitions, I request your assisting in verifying this information as you verify the voters signature.  For your convenience, I am attaching the relevant portions of the Charter.
Upon verification, please notify me of your findings so I can take the appropriate actions(s) to proceed to the next step as outlined in Section 7.06 of the City’s Charter. I have also enclosed check no. 531 in the amount of $620.00 to cover verification of signatures.                                              
If you have any questions or further information is required, please contact me at (954) 480-4213.

 Ada Graham - Johnson, MMC, City Clerk
c:  Burgess Hanson, City Manager

Section 7.05 (2) Form and content

(Some petitions do not have a precinct number)

Section 7.05 (3) Affidavit of circulator
(Petitions do not have the number of signatures thereof)

Section 7.04 - Commencement of    proceedings.
(Circulator is not listed as one of the voters entitled to circulate the petitions)



If you have had enough, like I have please attend tonight's City Commission Meeting at 6:55pm at City Hall and let the Commissioners and City Manager know that you are fed up and want a voice on rather you are taxed.

*It is rumored that Ada Graham Johnson, City Clerk and Mike Milanowski, City Human resources Director, were both beneficiaries of the City's recent re-classification of pay grades and therefore received raises. However, as many people have submitted public records request to Ada graham Johnson to verify this information, we cannot confirm it as yet because none of these request have been fulfilled.  I know mine was submitted almost three weeks ago....FISHY, EH??????


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