Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trying to Bring Lights to "No Justice, No Peace" Here in the City of Deerfield Beach...

Since October 2011 the City of Deerfield Beach and FDOT have respectively been petitioned to install pedestrian/bicyclist/motorist safety precautions at the intersection of Hillsboro Blvd and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (MLK), which is located in the minority section of the City (District 2).  

The City has denied request indicating that (1) it's to expensive and they may look into in the future, (2) it is not their responsibility because it falls under the jurisdiction of FDOT.  

*Please note:  On the same highway, Hillsboro Blvd, in the more affluent section of Deerfield Beach (District 1) at Federal Highway  there are 8, count them 8 street lights/lamps.  Four (4) courtesy of FDOT and four (4) courtesy of the City of Deerfield Beach's own CRA...

FDOT originally approved "citizen" request to install the yellow truncated domes at the intersection, but through City of Deerfield Beach interference, namely Charles Debrusco-Director of Public Works, FDOT re-nigged on their original approval.  Subsequent citizen request were submitted to FDOT to install street lights, which they temporarily denied, indicating that they will look into it no sooner than November of 2012 for work to be done in 2015.  Another request was submitted for East/West turning signals off of MLK, which was originally denied citing statistical deficiency, so installation not warranted, they have recently decided to perform an on-site observational study to determine if the turning signal installation is warranted. 

This video, which can be viewed here, demonstrates the dark conditions at the intersection of MLK and Hillsboro driving South to North on MLK, which could have been one of the causal factors in the hit and run death of Thetus Fleming Jr (22 black male) on 2/17/12, which received 0 media coverage. The driver, David Calderilla Alcocer (20 white male), who was driving on a suspended license, had warrants for his arrest, pending Broward County Court traffic court case from 2008, and who intentionally left the scene of an accident (a felony in FL-1st degree felony if the accident resulted in a death, like in this case).  He did later return to give BSO a statement (from the initial police report and BSO media release he returned about thirty minutes later). 

However, David Calderilla Alcocer was never arrested by BSO to face charges for hitting and then leaving the scene of the accident resulting in a death (a first degree felony in FL), the death of Thetus Fleming Jr.

His family is looking for justice and would like FDOT and the City of Deerfield Beach to install those safety measures at that intersection so no other family has to go through the tragedy that they are going through.

Like Trayvon Martin's family and the country at large Thetus Fleming Jr.'s family is calling for "No Justice, No Peace" here in Deerfield Beach!

Are you willing to march and protest for Thetus Fleming Jr. (Lil Thet) a resident of Deerfield Beach who was killed in a hit and run accident on Hillsboro Blvd and Martin Luther Jr. Blvd in Deerfield Beach on February 17, 2012. The driver left the scene of the accident, only to return later and give police a statement. No charges have been filed, no arrest has been made despite the fact that at the time, the suspect David Calderilla aka David Calderilla-Alcocer had a warrant for his arrest, no drivers license or suspended drivers license. BSO is still "investigating."


14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Deerfield Beach, your neighbor's son was killed and his identified killer has yet to be bought to justice by please join us on Friday March 30, 2012 at 6pm we will be holding a non-violent protest and march beginning at the Advanced Auto Parts located at 286 W Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL.

We plan to protest on the corners of the Hillsboro Blvd and MLK Jr. Blvd intersection and then march, peacefully on the sidewalks, to the BSO Deerfield Beach headquarters located at 300 N.E. 2nd Street Deerfield Beach, FL

The family thanks you for your time and consideration!

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