Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deerfield Beach's Own Positive Motivation Speaks to US A Spoken Word Truth!!!

Today, a friend of mine, Positive Motivation, was able to poetically put into words what many in my community feel.  It quite precisely sums up everything I feel and everything that is wrong with America, the Black community, and every other community because we are all guilty of being apathetic and not speaking up and demanding more from those who would lead us.  We are all guilty of not demanding more from ourselves and demanding fairness, justice, and equality for all of our brothers and in that way...we all will have those things fairness, justice, and equality because as we are looking out for our brothers our brothers are looking out for "U.S."
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I love the fact that Facebook has ads for Sarah Palin...need I say more...LMAO

I wish America would look in the mirror and find the true terrorist. I believe in equality and that's why I raise my fist. Politicians and lobbyists have become this countries cyst. And for looking like this handcuffs can clutch my wrist. Being a young black male I feel I'm just a part of a list. When my numbers up, I wonder if will I even be missed? I can get shot in cold blood or while crossing the street get hit. And when an investigation needs to be done, cops will simply insist. That it's not their job or they're doing all they can do. We see it everyday, so don't think it can't happen to you. Just a few years ago my community use to be violent. I'd embrace that now cause it's better than being silent. We will rise to the occasion to be against on another. But we won't raise a finger to help our fellow brother. #Pissed  

By Positive Motivation (March 15, 2012)

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