Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FDOT Tells Deerfield Beach Black Community "No Change", Despite Obvious Risk

I received the below email from FDOT today, one day after receiving an email asking me to resubmit my request for left turn signals at the intersection of Hillsboro and MLK Blvd in Deerfield Beach, the scene of the hit and run accident that took the life of 22 year old Thetus Fleming Jr.

BTW, three weeks later and this BSO Traffic Homicide case is still under investigation and the suspect listed on the police report 20 year old David Calderilla Alcocer has still not been arrested, charged, or anything else consistent with the taking of a human life.  WTF???

date: Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 10:11 AM
subject: RE: Request for Turn Signal

Dear Mr. Cody, 

We have finished our investigation of northbound and southbound left turn signal phasing change request at Hillsboro Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr./NW 3 Avenue and have determined not to make the requested change at this time. Traffic volumes of the left turning traffic and through traffic are relatively low and therefore does not meet the volume warrant criteria for the left arrow phase.  We also review the intersection crash history and found there is no crash pattern that suggests the need to install the left green arrow. If you have any questions, please contact me. 


Jonathan M. Overton, P.E.
District Traffic Management Systems Engineer
Florida Department of Transportation
Toll Free 866-336-8435
Direct Line (954) 777-4376 
Office Fax (954) 777-4398

So after apparently "misplacing" (their words, not mine) the original case study from November for left turning signals at Hillsboro and MLK, FDOT after one day has concluded that the traffic volume at that intersection and the crash data does not warrant any changes at this time.

So District 2 is left defenseless and in harms way for another thirty years and we will probably face several more Thetus Fleming Jr. style deaths before anyone takes action in to make safer "our" community.

*Warning-below contains some heated racial remarks, if you are easily offended by others opinions on current race relations, please, please stop reading here.  If you think you can handle the truth, as I have come to realize it then proceed*

I am fed up with this, these Officials, and so-called process.  I bet if someone from Ganz's District 4 had made this request for Hillsboro Blvd and let's say N 45th Ave,River Glen area, (oops there is a turning signal there just for U-turns, U-turns I say, and FDOT and the City of Deerfield Beach wants us to believe that they have more traffic at Hillsboro and 45th Ave for U-turns to warrant a turn signal than Hillsboro and MLK, PALEASE!!!!)

Come-on I am finally starting to get it.  You would have us believe that it is not that way, but I am finding harder and harder to dose myself up not to see the truth that is blatantly slapping me in the face.  You all complain about the race card, but it would seem that Sylvia was right.  The actions of the City and those currently wielding the power demonstrate exactly what is going on here.

They shoved their Utility tax down our throat saying we didn't "pay our fair share", they took away the teen center, they took away our family homes on the Dixie corridor and have left it baron and a business wasteland, they've blacked out our news so we stay uninformed and un-engaged and all we are left with is a hand full of people who actually give a damn.  Then they complain that we don't get involved and we don't care and we are apathetic.

WTF do you expect.  The machine is not run to actually help the people or even take care of the people.

The machine is "nigga-rigged"!!! ( I can say it)

If anyone can help this District get the needed changes, please email me.  It is obvious that our elected official and his buddies up at City Hall could give two shites about us.  Hell, they didn't have one event during black history month, Redtails by Ben Preston in January and the Black Heritage Banquet at Westside Park was in March, which no City Official attended not even District 2 Commissioner Ben Preston found the time to attend an event honoring black heritage and he's supposedly black/African-American it's obvious.

Is this what they wanted, they get Sylvia Poitier out of the way so we are left with no one to fight for the black community.  

For thirty years we have been fighting to get something done at that intersection.  I know many of you have even utilized it...I have seen your Jaguars, Maybachs, Mercedes, and Porsche's screeching down Eller Street towards MLK.  You know what I am talking about.  The black community of Deerfield Beach needs your help.

Any Pastor, Bishop, Reverend. Deacon, Prophet, or Prophetess in Deerfield Beach willing to step down from their pulpit and away from the collection plates long enough to help? Gwyn, Alcee, NAACP, Hell Chaz Stevens (You're an NAACP member) anybody HELP US!!!

I know many of you are now going to label me as the angry black boy..well you'd be wrong.  Cuz, now I am the Pissed off African-American Man.

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