Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Peace, No Justice was in Deerfield Beach Before it Hit Sanford.

I know everyone is on Trayvon kick right now, but did you know that right here in Deerfield Beach..the "white" killer of a young black man remains free, never arrested, never charged, and never held accountable for killing a young black male. This happened over a month ago on 2/17/12 at Hillsboro Blvd and Martin Luther King Blvd in Deerfield Beach...Thetus Fleming Jr. (22) was killed in a hit and run crash..the driver David Calderilla Alcocer (20) left the scene went home took a shower and returned in another vehicle...and he was never arrested, drug tested or alcohol level tested...he was also driving on a suspended license and had pending traffic cases from 2008 and should not have been behind the wheel of a car and yet he is home "chillen" according to his Facebook page anyway, while Lil Thet is dead!

I understand the differences between Sanford's Trayvon Martin and Deerfield Beach's Thetus Fleming Jr...but I also see the many similarities...

The weaponed formed against them is different, but they are both dead none the same, while their "white" killers walk scott free with no charges and no arrest in their murders, both over a month later.

Well, you can help me spread the word...I do feel sorry bout Trayvon, but here in Deerfield Beach we got our own cause for "No Justice, No Peace"...just like Trayvon wanted his skittles and an iced tea..Lil Thet was going to get something from the gas station and never made it home...

So different and yet the same, but the police in both cases have bought our communities to shame, as they have allowed the killers to run loose and seem to refuse to place blame...

"No Peace, No Justice" was in Deerfield Beach before it reached Sanford.  

You just didn't know because it never made the news!

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