Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1...

I usually don’t utilize this blog to discuss movies, but since I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 last night and it has not come out yet I figured I would take this time to tell everyone to go out and check it out.   With my own prior knowledge of the franchise itself, I can say with all certainty be prepared for the future previews of Breaking Dawn part 2 and the conclusion of the series.

I attended last night’s premier in Boynton at the Muvico in City Place and I must say that it was everything that I thought it would be.  I have read all the books and seen all the previous movies and have been eagerly anticipating this movie.  I was originally disappointed when I found out that the studio would separate the film into two parts, as was done with the Harry Potter final book film adaptation, but after seeing HPATDH part 1 I was pleasantly surprised.  Basically, because after reading the books and knowing the endings and suspense-filled moments that I could expect I was wondering how they would capture that with a separation and make someone who hadn’t read the books or seen the previous movies want to come back for part 2.  I must say that the Harry Potter people did an excellent job with the cliff-hanger ending because it performed its function well; it made you want to see part 2.  However, I must admit that Breaking Dawn part 1 did not have the same impact and if I hadn’t read the books and know what’s coming I would probably pass on the 2nd part until maybe they came out with some previews, but the ending did not make me immediately want to see part 2, as it was with the HPATDH two part final film adaptation.

Thankfully, I have read the books and know what to expect so I will definitely be in the theatre for Part 2.

The rest of the movie was typical Twilight.  Boy loves girl, girl loves boy to death…the fact that he is a vampire is actually not a major player in this movie until towards the end.  Overall, it’s a good movie for teenage females and those that are the romantic and sappy of our species.   

At last nights screening, the theatre was filled with people of all ages, mainly 25 and overs, though.  There was a littering of males in the room, but mostly it seemed that they were there as reluctant participants, but I could be wrong.  I did notice the young man (who could have been about 20-22) who was sitting next to me with his girlfriend had fallen asleep before all the conflict of the movie had begun.  I guess he was not interested in the romantic build-up, but he could have also been tired.  When he awoke he complained and kept talking so neither his girlfriend nor anyone around him enjoyed the movie in peace.

So, I would recommend this movie to all my female friends and my guy friends that have been bitten by the Twilight bug...but ladies if your guy isn't one of them you may want to leave him at home.

All in all it was a good movie and I personally can't wait until part 2 is released, but again that's based on my knowledge of the books, not the ending of Part 1.

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