Monday, November 7, 2011

Protest Broward Ordinance Requiring a "Free Speech Permit".

received the below and thought that everyone should know that this is going on.  It seems that this current crop of politicians don't really want to hear what the people have to say, especially when it is not convenient for their means.  They want to have control, and that is exactly what this new proposed permitting system would give them, control over who says what and least on county property that is.

I know first hand that the in my little very corrupt town of Deerfield Beach me and a fellow petition circulator were thrown off of the City's property at North East Focal Point a few weeks ago, with BSO Deputy Engle citing it is illegal to gather petitions City property so we had to move out to the sidewalk (which is also City property...go figure).  He didn't do this nicely either.  As I had just walked up and heard the last of the conversation and advised my partner to let us just leave...while walking pass a group of people, I asked them had they heard about the 10% tax and Deputy Engle actually yelled at me telling me "I am not gonna tell you again."  To which I promptly replied "First, this is your first time speaking to me and I am not circulating a petition, I am talking is that illegal too, now!!"  To which he responded, "Well, now this is my second time and I am not going to ask again".  Please keep in mind all of this was being done while we were in the process of walking off of NE Focal Point property towards Eller Street.

Well since, we have learned that it is not illegal, per City Attorney Andy Maurodis, but if the City asked him to make a case against it he could if we had been obstructing traffic or some othehindrance or nuisance to the participants or employees, which I assure we were not.  It was obvious what happened there that day with the Mayor, Peggy Noland, and Bill Ganz both being aware that Caryl Berner and myself (two of the City's most hated activist) were outside gathering signatures against their tax, we all know why Deputy Engle came out there and illegally removed two City of Deerfield Beach residents from their City's property.  Suffice it to say that we did not file a compliant with BSO (what would be the point in that, Peggy and Bill had achieved their goal of silencing us from that event), but we did notify the City Attorney and get clarification on the matter.

So, now with this new proposed permitting process at the County level, how long would it be before the City attempted the same to ensure that they too would have control over any individual, group, or entity that would want to reasonably exercise their Constitutional rights.  We can not allow this to happen!  

Hell, we can not allow any more degradation and erosion of our individual Constitutional rights by this new wave of politicians.  Who at every turn seek to destroy the very fabric that our country was built on, in favor of Corporate America and those that heavily finance Campaign Accounts.

Don't wait until the County or your City's boots are on your neck before you get involved, because by then it will be too late.  

Look at Deerfield Beach...


Protest Proposed Broward Ordinance to Require Free Speech Permit

Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 10:00 AM
115 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL (map)
The Broward County Commission is meeting November 8th to discuss a proposal from the County Administrator, Bertha Henry, to start requiring a permit in order to engage in free speech on County property. Under the proposed restrictions, in order to engage in speech on Broward County property you will have to obtain a permit 3 days in advance. You may not engage in more than 5 days of continuous activity. No tents or sound amplification devices. So far no specific time has been announced for when the commissioners will vote on enacting the permit requirement for free speech. We need people to show up for the hearing so that this does not become a law.

Remember how we gathered petitions for fair districting and registered voters at court houses and libraries ? Now Broward County wants to make these restricted activities !

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