Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sylvia Poitier Trial...What Can One Say???

I could talk about how pathetic the State Attorney’s, David Schulson, case is...

I could talk about the dirty and disapproving glances Schulson kept directing at Chaz Stevens...

I could talk about the outfit Chaz Stevens had on...

Or I could talk about the fact that Chaz Stevens was wearing “press pass” credentials??? 

I thought only members of an accredited media source had access to “press passes”, but I guess I was mistaken…I blog too, where is my press pass!

…but I won’t comment on those things.

After listening to the testimonies and hearing the State present its case…all I could think is “Damn, this is what they got…Sylvia asking her brother to loan the WDBA money , a loan that has never been paid back and has never attempted to be paid back, to save properties to avoid putting the elderly and low income residents who resided in the property out on the streets. 

The money in this case that the City and the State Attorney's office is fretting about was used to pay the City for water bills and yet the City is making a fuss when they knew what the money was for and that they did indeed get the money right back.  So, instead of caring more for their low-income and elderly neighbors the City would have rather seen those residents out on the street...tsk, tsk, City Hall.

The State’s witnesses painted the picture of a politician trying to avoid putting the less fortunate of her district out on the street.  A politician who cared enough for her constituents and  to take action to avoid their eminent eviction and get nothing in return.   Unfortunately, we don’t hear many stories about politicians giving an actual damn about the well-being of their constituents and actually taken the necessary steps to actually help those in needs.  The State, the media, the City of Deerfield Beach Elected officials and the City Manager have done a great job with lumping this case with the numerous other cases of corrupt politicians concocting their own nefarious plans to the benefit of themselves and to the detriment of the people they were sworn to protect, but if anyone actually cares to read the charges in this case and actually put all the political, racist, and past bull aside they will see that this case, this particular case is unique and I for one and the many people who through Sylvia Poitier’s actions staved off eviction and homelessness for a little longer thank GOD that she is not the typical politician. 

Unfortunately, there are many people who, for whatever reason, who would disagree with us, but those people, are probably the same selfish bunch who would have sought the eviction of those who Sylvia unselfishly sought to protect…the low-income and elderly residents of her district.  That is why so many people still support Sylvia Poitier.  It is not just because of the color of her skin.  It is because the people of her district, even some who would and did sell her out, know if they need something she would bend over backwards to make sure that they got it even if she had to pay out of her own pocket.  That’s the thing about Sylvia, she was and is the “Peoples Politician”.  That is why she is so hated among many of her local colleagues because they wish they could command the level of loyalty, respect, and commitment amongst their constituents that Sylvia has commanded for over 40 years.  Even, when they tried dividing the minority district she still garnered support and won, when they tossed allegations she still garnered support and won, through this trial she stills garners support, and even in 2012 when those same politicians who are more likely than not guilty themselves of real corruption will come up for re-election and the people will have their say we will remember these days and hopefully “We the People” along with Sylvia Poitier will finally get a new crop of politicians that will care for their constituents even a fraction as much as Sylvia has cared for those of her district over the years.

Then and only then will the people of Broward County and Deerfield Beach begin to see the needed improvements and be truly served, instead of just the developers, real estate moguls, unions, and special interest groups that currently hold our elected officials in their pockets.

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