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City of Deerfield Beach Home of "BLACK" Hole News .and No Justice

What's up with the news coverage???

I finally located one bleep on the radar related to the fatal hit and run accident that claimed the life of 22 year old Thetus Fleming Jr (Lil Thet) on Friday 2/17/12 by another young man 20 year old David Calderilla of Coconut Creek, who initially fled the scene after killing Lil Thet to only return later in a different vehicle.

I don't know if he was hoping that he could just anonymously come back in a different vehicle as a passerby/onlooker and check to see the results of HIS actions, which was the death of young black man, and then go home and live his life like nothing happened.

Which from the lack of news coverage would have been easy for David Calderilla, who as recently as last Thursday (2/23/12) posted to his Facebook page "Home Chillen" and then continued on to have a conversation with a female as if he had not killed someone and then ran off less than a week before.

Yeah, I creeped his Facebook page...murderers have no privacy as far as I am concerned and hopefully 20 year old David Calderilla-Alcocer of Coconut Creek will have none when he is finally arrested, convicted, and goes to prison for the fatal hit and run accident that took the life of 22 year old black male, Thetus Fleming Jr.

Anyway, after speaking with Diane Emmeot of the Deerfield Beach Observer on Friday 2/24/12 and realizing that she didn't even know of this accident or at least she pretended to not know, I scoured the internet for news again and found nothing.  However, Saturday morning, the day of Lil Thet's funeral I did find the only post and news of this FATAL hit and run on CBS local news online website, which can be read here.  If you notice they clearly have thrown their lot in with the murderous driver, David Calderilla because unlike the coverage of the white woman, Sandra Gail Limburg, who was killed in December in Deerfield Beach in a hit and run accident..whose hundreds of headlines read "Fatal Hit and Run..." or something similar, the one singular post about the young black male, Thetus Fleming Jr., killed in a hit and run his only got "Man killed..."-no charges filed.

No Charges Filed and the murderer is home on Facebook "Chillen"...what is going on here???

The little respect I held for local news media and these so-called journalist and reporters has all but evaporated after this.  Now, I have been made to witness the bogus reporting and total *black hole reporting of these journalist.  

*Black hole reporting-when a journalist or news media outlet is made aware of an event in the black community that many would consider news worthy and yet nothing is reported.  The news goes in but NO news escaped (was reported), like a black hole.

I myself have been victim of being misquoted back when I first broke the story about the City of Deerfield Beach having to payback FEMA and then intentionally hid the information from the public.  The article was written in such a way that it did not represent the actual news and even had the facts wrong and when read in its entirety it had a totally different spin on the events than what actually transpired.  That reporter was quoting and reporting on an event from a video-taped City Commission meeting from October 4, 2011, so how the facts and the quotes were misrepresented and dead wrong is beyond me, especially when the facts could be easily found in government report on-line (which can be read here.) that even children have access to.  That reporter is still employed by the Pompano Pelican and the article can be read here.  Make sure to read the comment(s) section of that online article, unfortunately the comments did not appear alongside the printed article of that paper on October 8 or so.  By the way we are still waiting on the update to this reporting and we are still waiting on the findings of FEMA if they will be requesting funds back from the City of Deerfield Beach.

I know I have personally emailed FEMA, the OIG, the City of Deerfield Beach regarding the final result, outcome and actula amount of payback of FEMA Funds that the City of Deerfield BEach would actually be responsible for out of the $3.9 million stated in the FEMA OIG report.

Obviously, I wrote this reporter a scathing email to which the replies only further disgusted me and proved that South Florida is severely lacking journalist and seems to be only filled with these "*sensationlist".

*Sensationalist- a person, sometimes this person may have even took a journalism course at a local JC, who is hired by a media outlet to "spin" and "slant" stories in an attempt to increase readership, in hopes of attracting and retaining advertisers.

Over the course of the last year I myself have sent several "TIPS" to local news rags and media and nothing. So I am fully aware of their agendas and the lack of real reporting in South Florida.  Hell, most of the major news that came out this year was from bloggers and not reporters, so that is saying something about the level of news reporting that South Floridian's are willing to accept.  

Bloggers have the ability to pick and chose what we post, because we are not reporting to inform the mainstream public on public happenings.  Hell, we don't even pretend to represent any large group of people. We write to our audiences and what intrigues and excites the particular blogger, which explains the different styles and subject matter on any given blog.  However, journalist, reporters, and their respective news media outlets have an ethical duty to report actual and factual news...  When they are no longer able to do that, then it is time for them to either hire professional journalist who can actually do their jobs and make sure their facts are right and their quotes are correct.  If they ave not able to do so then the world needs to turn to bloggers and just read the free blogs instead of paying for papers and having to read through all of those advertisements.  Speaking of advertisements, this brings me to a question.  Do advertisers dictate what is printed in the papers they purchase ad space from?

Does news media have an obligation to report news and not allow stories to be squashed by the will of their advertisers?

I guess that is why blogging and bloggers are so important because although we can put our spin on stories, many provide links to information where the public can get the unfiltered and unadulterated versions of the stories or the information for themselves, which many news articles do not provide.  We only get the spin...and as we all know to much spin will make you vomit and make you dizzy.  

Hopefully, in this particular case of the fatal hit and run accident of Thetus Fleming Jr in Deerfield Beach on Hillsboro Blvd and MLK on Friday 2/17/12 by 20 year old David Calderilla of Coconut Creek will make more news headlines. Maybe the fact that the City of Deerfield Beach and FLDOT have been warned that this is a dangerous intersection and they have both been dragging their feet for over thirty years and most recently within the last 6 months to improve the safety conditions of the residents of that community would be story enough for somebody to pick it up so something can be done.  Maybe the next accident and fatal hit and run or crash at the intersection will make the news and then the residents will see some action toward improving the safety conditions of that intersection, that section of roadway, and the many others in Deerfield Beach District 2 that never receive a post, an article, or a headline when tragedy strikes.


BSO's AL Lamberti and Deerfield Beach Chief Pete Sudler, when will charges be filed against the young man who hit someone, dragged their mangled body (the young man was almost cut in half) through the street for at least 40 feet, then left the scene of the accident (that resulted in the death of a young man), to only return later to face, so far, NOTHING!!!

Where is the justice, where is the law, where are the charges???

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