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Politician Slayer or Politician's Tool????

MAOS - Crap about and by Chaz Stevens.: I triple dare you.

Ok, so prior to me starting this blog, I responded to the above post by a local self-proclaimed politician slayer. He has been ranting and raving about the imminent arrest of Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and requesting that Ex-Commissioner Gloria Battle be prepped for a "perp-walk" for the last couple of years. So I when noticed him complaining about District 1 candidate, Coddington, possibly spreading rumors about his rocky past. I advised him that he does the same thing on a daily basis on his blog. I explained to him that I see that he has done the same thing to Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and Ex-Commissioner Gloria Battle. I further explained to him my points (as you will see when you read the comments section of the above article). He responded by inferring that I was a "concerned troll" in the title of his response where he attempted to rebuke what I had stated. I will list it here as if it were a conversation. You can read the above article and comment section to find my part of this conversation and you can go to to read his responses as listed below.

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I only have a couple questions in regard to the hypocritical fodder you have posted here. You seem to be upset because Coddington intimated or insinuated that you were a woman beater...without proof, without any charges being filed against you. Yet, that is exactly what you do on a daily basis. Spout, unfounded conjecture about political candidates and hope to get a response. Don't get me wrong I love your blog and we need more people out there trying to keep our elected officials on the up and up. But, I have read many articles were you have accused Ms. Poitier and Ms. Battle with criminal seems like you are jumping at the bit for them to both be arrested for your conjecture and apparently unfounded accusations against them.

Politician Slaye r:
>>Really? I have filed 25+ complaints against Battle and Poitier. My work led to the Kessler Audit (which found wrong doing). My work led to the HUD Audit (which found wrong doing). And I believe my work will led to arrests. Why don't you ring up Mr. Donnelly and ask him what he thinks of my efforts. Ring up Brian McDonald over at BSO. Drop my name.<<

"Soooooo, basically what you are saying is that you filed a bunch of complaints and a couple of them possibly hit home...not all 25+ just a couple and because of the sheer magnitude of complaints and articles that you had written did any concern be drawn. In affect you kept spouting off unfounded conjecture until something happened. Got it!"

According to the Sun-Sentinal (Feb 2, 2011) Sylvia did not vote on the issues involving the Deerfield Housing Authority, all they found was that she failed to disclose the possible conflict of interest.

Politician Slayer:
>>Did you take the time to review the Westside Deerfield Businessman Association? Their books in particular? I did and believe there's significant trouble there. Also, I strongly believe we have not heard the last from the Federal Government regarding this matter. Why do I say that? Simple. The OIG Audit did not address a single of the allegation found within the Kessler Report. Why is that? Was Kessler wrong? The Kessler Audit was personally handed to the OIG folks. Is it dead in the water? Or perhaps, just maybe, there's another big play going on...

Also, Poitier was inconsistent with her voting. A yes, no, yes with conflict, and no with conflict. So which one is it? The Federal Government does not weigh in on State voting laws.<<

"UMMMMMM, that does not answer anything or resolve anything. You said she was guilty. However, the Sun-Sentinal and the OIG Audit report indicate the same thing. She was not found guilty of anything. They went so far as to even say that the City was responsible for notifying HUD of a possible conflict of interest so they could determine if it was ok. If you watch the YouTube video that you so handily provided she indicated that she possibly had a conflict on the very first vote and abstained. Did the City notify HUD, NOPE they didn't..So that means the city Mgmt is responsible for the $224,742 that you are trying to attribute to Ms. Poitier and Ms. Battle. The OIG report attributed blame to the city management, not them. But, you don't blame the city you would have us believe that it is solely Sylvia and Gloria whose to blame."

No one has ever said she profited personally from that Association.

Politician Slayer:
>>I am telling you she profited. I know this for a fact.<<<

"Ummmm, again who are you???? The reports did not find her at fault and they did not indicate that she profitted, but you say so and we should hold that as truth. Yeah right buddy. Who has the ego now!"

So it seems all she is guilty of on that account is not dotting all the "i's" and crossing all the "t's". In regard to the HAC, she appears to have allowed the group to utilize her business address so they could obtain an operating license. Were is the crime, were is the theft. I have not seen any information stating that she profited from this organization, either.

Politician Slayer:
>>The definition of corrupt activity is not limited to financial benefit. And you seem to be painfully unaware of the Federal Government definition of a conflict of interest. Read 24 CFR 92. In it's entirety. I have. When you do, come on back and we can have an intelligent talk.<<

"OK, I get it. At this point you are basically just stuttering. Tripping over your own feet. YOu have publicly said that she is guilty of profiting, yet nothing so far indicates that. Only some facts that you alone know. If you know it for a fact, why is the government not sending you a subpoena and busting down the doors. You have frequently stated that there's something in the works...just wait, something is gonna happen. Seems, again you are just spouting off."

So these two issues you ranted and raved about that supposedly proved corruption against her does the opposite...Why have you not spent more time in trying to find out where the "$142,248 in grant money used to cover staff salaries without supporting documentation to verify the expenditures were accurate and program-related."

Politician Slayer:
>>That department has pretty much been dissolved. With the outsourcing of our CDBG funding to a responsible third party, hopefully this will be a thing of the past. As to my efforts, I spent 18 months uncovering the facts. Where were you all that time? If I can't get anyone interested in the millions missing from Mango, do you really think someone in power cares about a measly $142K.<<

"OMG, they dissolved the department who received over a $142,000 in Public funded monies and you are ok with that. So no one was arrested? Did they get fired? Are any of the individuals still working for the city (who from the same reports you initiated was found culpible of not administering its programs in accordance with applicable HUD requirements). LOL, why are you not ranting and raving about this. Money actually exchanged hands and it's a fact..with no paper trail that the money was deserved... but you say nothing."

Where is this money, who got it, who approved it, I know it wasn't Ms. Poitier or Ms. Battle, heck it wasn't even Mr. Coddington. It seems you have been corrupted with power and are now a political pawn. I personally hope you get back on the right side of the pen and utilize your formidable talents at locating corruption, to actually exposing true political criminals such as thoughs who profitted from the misappropriated $142,248 in funds.

Politician Slayer:
>>Oh yeah, that's me. Giddy with fucking power. A pawn of who exactly? That answer I am dying to hear. If I am on someone's payroll, would you kindly remind them I've not been getting the paychecks in the mail.

"I am interested in that information, too. These are questions that should be asked. I do see that "Women in Distress" is your charitable beneficiary. I see the city has made several donations to them, and now I hear that they are moving from Ft. Lauderdale to where......wait for it.....wait for it.......Wait for it. Deerfield Beach, FL. Ain't that a coincidence. Now I am just spouting off conjecture here, but heck look what can happen if I do it loud enough and long enough......"

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